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Seamless Integration with WordPress

WordPress provides an extensive platform to build upon with the ability to create plugins that can extend WordPress functionality. What the client wanted could have been built using other methods detached from the WordPress core but it needed a back end area for the administrators to manage what was visible to the users on the front end and this is one of the core features of WordPress so it made complete sense to integrate our solution directly into their current platform.

Features: Scheduling

The client needed to be able to schedule items to become visible to the user on a certain date at a certain time and to then be hidden from a picked date and time. They also needed the ability to schedule items to be marked as complete for every user directly from the list that is displayed in a table in the WordPress back end. We were able to implement this functionality through the use of a date and time picker JavaScript library and AJAX.

Features: Drag & Drop Ordering

One of the features that was required on the administrative side of things was the ability to re-order the items through the use of a “drag and drop” system which extends WordPress’ Page Order Attribute functionality to make it so the admin doesn’t have to manually update each page order number every time they need to re-order an item in a list that may have as many as 100 items in. This saves the order automatically and is done using a separate database value for each item category to make the re-ordering process as easy on the server load as possible.

Features: Sorting & Layout

Users are using this every day so it is important that the way they use it is streamlined as much as possible. When they mark an item as complete or incomplete, there are no page refreshes, everything is handled via AJAX so they are able to quickly move through the list and manage their items. They also need to be able to view their list based on some pre-defined sorting options and layouts, choosing whichever one suits them best. This is then saved to their WordPress account so it is applied across all devices and means they can log in from anywhere and view their list the way they saved it.

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