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Responsive Website Design

The best way to showcase a truly individual location like The Gallimaufry is to use imagery that gives the visitor a first impression that will carry through to when they actually visit the place. Keeping the text minimal allows visitors to find the information they need quickly whilst getting a chance to admire the stunning scenery that The Galli has to offer. The website was built on top of Wordpress and adapted to create a focal point around the short film that is at the heart of the website.

Short Film

The film we created focusses on all aspects of the venue, bar, live music, food and art space utilising music and sounds to add depth and realism.

The main focus for us was to create an engaging story that linked the various areas of the venue. Using narration and characters we were able to create something that paid homage to the journey The Galli has been through over its 4 years.

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