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Responsive Website Design

We understood that for the website to be successful it needed to be designed so that users understand the concept straight away, whilst maintaining a fun and friendly brand. The adverts needed to fit into the design of the website so that they were effective but unobtrusive. All of this needed to work well across desktop and mobile devices.

Bespoke WordPress Development

The website uses WordPress as a base, on top of which, we built a custom, extensible raffle ticket system. Through our knowledge of WordPress development, we housed this system within a plugin using WordPress’ coding standards and best practices. We were able to make use of many of WordPress’pre-existing helper functions to ensure compatibility with future updates.

The plugin provides an interface for the admins of Big Free Giveaway to view statistics and manage settings and user payments. It also provides the logic, behind the scenes, that runs the weekly draws and tracks tickets.

Highlight: Simple Authentication

We knew that it was important to make the authentication process for new and returning users to be as fast and simple as possible to provide them with the best possible user experience. To achieve this we implemented and a simple registration form that only requires the user's email address, and their username and password get generate for them. We also provided Facebook authentication, which allows users to signup within seconds. To simplify the processes further, we detect each user's location when they are registering and display the content in their currency.

Highlight: Incentivized sharing

We put a lot of thought into how to grow the website and encourage users to get their friends to sign up. We decided to implement a referral scheme to provide incentives for users to share the website with their friends. Each user gets a unique URL to share, and for every user who signs up using the unique URL, the user gets an additional ticket, and the jackpot increases.

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