Video: An Essential Marketing Tool for 2015

Why is video marketing so important?

Digital marketing is evolving rapidly and trends show that video is not only an essential marketing tool, but it is the future of content marketing. According to a study by syndacast, video will encompass 74% of all Internet traffic by 2017.

With the thriving viewer bases of sites like YouTube and Vimeo, the potential reach of video content is unmatched. YouTube enjoys more than one billion unique visitors per month, and more than 20 million people in the UK watch at least one online video every week. With a strategic video marketing plan, you can capitalise on this enormous pool of consumers.

The beauty of video is that it can establish a personal relationship between your company and your audience. Video showcases the aspects of your business that consumers wouldn’t normally see: for example your manufacturing process, the individuality of your employees, or your awesome office culture.  Furthermore, videos deliver a highly multi-sensory experience for the viewer, which has been shown to increase the viewer’s positive thoughts about the content. Why simply write about your product or service when you can show it in action?

The advantages of integrating video are being proven through quantitative research, too. Simply using the word “video” in an email subject line is shown to improve the following three measures of engagement: reducing unsubscribes by 26%, boosting open rates by 19%, and boosting click-through rates by 65%.  Consumers rely more on visual content than print content because multi-sensory information is easier to consume. Compared to written information, videos pack a punch, delivering more content faster in a more memorable way.  Video is proven to catch and maintain the attention of your audience: 65% of video watchers will stay tuned for more than ¾ of the video. That means that if you can entice viewers to click on your video, there is a good chance they will absorb most of the content.

There is no denying the growing power of video marketing. However, a video strategy will not be effective unless it is done well. Below, we have included some tips on creating effective videos.


Tips on making video marketing work for you:

Ensure that your video has an appealing thumbnail. The thumbnail provides the very first impression for the video and is a factor in someone’s decision to watch the video.

Be authentic. There is no other communication platform that allows your audience to hear the voices and see the faces behind your business.  Personal connection is powerful, and video is a chance to showcase the personality that makes your business thrive.

Be careful not to rush your video strategy or production.  It is important to remember your audience so that you can create a video that is going to interest them. Video is a chance to deliver information that your audience would not normally take the time to read, so make sure that information is relevant. Additionally, ensure that your video is of high quality. The video should be engaging, aesthetically appealing, and edited to a professional standard. This is where utilizing a professional service is useful.  A digital agency can your ideas and actualize them into an immaculate video representation of your brand.





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